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​The health curriculum provides students with knowledge, life skills, consumer skills, as well as thinking skills to maintain good health. The chapters incorporate math, physical education, social studies, art, science, drama, language arts and music into learning. The topics covered include the human body, feelings, senses, dental health, healthy food choices, staying well, medicines and drugs, being safe and keeping the neighborhood healthy.

Pennsylvania Standards for First Grade:

  • 10.1: Concepts of Health
  • 10.2: Healthful Living
  • 10.3: Safety and Injury Prevention

 Language Arts

​​The language arts curriculum teaches so many different skills. Students enter first grade knowing letter sounds and some sight words and they leave as fluent readers!  They learn decoding skills that equip them to sound out words and read independently. They study diagraphs, root words, syllable patterns, word families, sight words, and have many opportunities to practice reading. Additionally, these topics are also covered: homographs, synonyms, antonyms, classification, figurative language, vocabulary development, author's purpose, details, perspective,
cause and effect, alphabetical order, sequence, and literary elements. We also include grammar, spelling, handwriting and sentence structure.

Pennsylvania Standards for First Grade:

  • 1.1: Learning to Read Independently
  • 1.2: Reading Critically in All Content Areas
  • 1.3: Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
  • 1.4: Types of Writing
  • 1.5: Quality of Writing
  • 1.6: Speaking and Listening
  • 1.7: Characteristics and Functions of the English Language
  • 1.8: Research


​​Students will gain many skills after completing the math series. The program provides opportunities for students to compare and contrast, identify patterns, sequence events, write number sentences, draw conclusions, make and explain inferences, create graphs, make predictions, use illustrations, and guess and check. The curriculum specifically covers topics such as addition and subtraction concepts, addition and subtraction strategies, place value, money, time, measurement, geometry, fractions and adding and subtracting two digit numbers

Pennsylvania Standards for First Grade:

  • 2.1: Numbers, Number Systems and Number Relationships
  • 2.2: Computation and Estimation
  • 2.3: Measurement and Estimation
  • 2.4: Mathematical Reasoning and Connections
  • 2.5: Mathematical Problem Solving and Communication
  • 2.6: Statistics and Data Analysis
  • 2.7: Probability and Predictions
  • 2.8: Algebra and Functions
  • 2.9: Geometry


​​The religion curriculum engages students with Scripture stories, involves participation throughout lessons, teaches about the Catholic church, and celebrates special feasts and seasons. Students learn how to pray, connect the Catholic faith to their everyday life, celebrate in worship and live Godly lives.

There are five main units which include the following topics:

  • Our Church Community
  • Our Loving God
  • God's Son, Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Jesus' Church of Followers


​Students learn inquiry skills through observation, comparison, classification, prediction, measurement, modeling, communication, data analysis, collaboration, experiment and research. By incorporating such a hands-on approach, students are engaged throughout the lessons. Students are taught by curriculum integration. The science program is divided into three units: Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science.

Pennsylvania Standards for First Grade:

  • 3.1: Unifying Themes
  • 3.2: Inquiry and Design
  • 3.3: Biological Sciences
  • 3.4: Physical Science
  • 3.5: Earth Science
  • 4.2: Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
  • 4.3: Environmental Health
  • 4.6: Ecosystems and Their Interactions

 Social Studies

​The social studies curriculum is correlated to the National Council for the Social Studies Standards. Students develop reading and thinking skills, study skills, and geography skills as they progress through the chapters. The curriculum incorporates information related to freedom, history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture and science, technology and society in each chapter. 

The units are as follows:

  • All About Families
  • Where We Live
  • Good Citizens
  • All Kinds of Jobs
  • Americans Long Ago

Students are given opportunities to make decisions, analyze information, evaluate charts and maps and connect topics.

Pennsylvania Standards for First Grade:

  • 5.1: Principles and Documents of Government
  • 5.2: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
  • 5.3: How Government Works
  • 6.5: Work and Earnings
  • 7.1: Basic Geography Literacy
  • 7.2: The Physical Characteristics of Places and Regions
  • 8.1: Historical Analysis and Skills Development