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​​The health curriculum is a program that provides students the necessary means for life skills and thinking skills.  It provides the students with the knowledge required to achieve good health and maintain it.

Pennsylvania Standards for Kindergarten:

  • 10.1-10.3 Health and Safety Practices
    • Fundamentals of good health
    • Body Awareness
    • Nutrition
    • Safe Practices

 Language Arts

​​The language arts curriculum encompasses a wide range of skills and strategies that prepare the students to begin their reading journey.  Every lesson incorporates phonological awareness, phonics, beginning, middle and ending sounds, high frequency (sight words), syllables, word families and decoding skills.  The curriculum also focuses on vocabulary, making predictions, noting details, cause and effect, comparisons and contrasts along with other skills and strategies. It also incorporates grammar, handwriting, basic writing skills and sentence structure.

Pennsylvania standards for Kindergarten:

  • 1.1  Learning to Read Independently
  • 1.2  -1.3 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Text and Literature
  • 1.4 Types of Writing
  • 1.5 Quality of Writing
  • 1.6 Speaking and Listening
  • 1.7 Characteristics and Functions of the English Language
  • 1.8 Research
  • 1.9 Information


​The math curriculum is a balanced program that promotes conceptual, computational and problem solving proficiency.  The students have hands on opportunities as they work with many manipulatives that help enhance their thinking skills.  The math curriculum allows the teacher to introduce skills/concepts, teach it, provide independent practice and then assess it.

Pennsylvania Standards for Kindergarten

  • 2.1 Numbers, Number Sense and Relationships
  • 2.2 Computation and Estimation
  • 2.3 Measurement
  • 2.4 Mathematical reasoning and Connections
  • 2.5 Mathematical Problem Solving and Communication
  • 2.6 Statistics and Data Analysis
  • 2.7 Probability and Predictions
  • 2.8 Algebra and Functions
  • 2.9 Geometry


​The religion curriculum encompasses all about God and the Catholic faith. The students learn through various methods such as Scripture stories, worksheets and many hands on activities.


​​The science curriculum engages students by allowing them to explore and complete hands on activities and lessons. They use several inquiry skills such as prediction, observation comparison, research and many more.  The kindergarten science curriculum is divided into three sections: Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science.

Pennsylvania Standards for Kindergarten:

  • 3.1 Biological Sciences
    • Living and Non Living Organisms
  • 3.2 Physical Science
  • 3.3 Earth and Space Sciences
  • 4.1 Watersheds and Wetlands
  • 4.3 Environmental Health
  • 4.6 Ecosystems and their Environments
  • 4.8 Humans and the Environment

 Social Studies

​The social studies curriculum provides opportunities to develop and enhance reading skills, thinking skills, study skills and geography skills (directionality with maps).

Pennsylvania Standards for Kindergarten:

  • 5.1 Principles and Documents
    • Celebrations/traditions and holidays
    • Culture
  • 5.2 -5.3 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens and how Government Works
    • Working Together
    • I Am a Citizen
  • 6.1 Economic Systems
    • People Work
  • 7.1-7.3 Basic Geography/ Physical and Human Characteristics of Places and Regions
    • Where We Live
  • 8.1 History Analysis and Skills Development
    • Things Change