Sixth Grade

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Goal setting, stress management; growth of the human body; health and fitness; preparing healthy foods; controlling disease; drugs and health; tobacco and alcohol; safety and first aid, as well as community health are all topics covered during the sixth grade health year. We also follow National Health Standards numbers one through seven.  

 Language Arts

​​The reading curriculum is grouped into themes. The theme contains four short stories that encompass a concept or an idea. Grammar and spelling lessons are integrated and taken from the stories. Theme One is Courage. Theme 2  is Personal Triumphs. Theme 3 is Joining Forces and Theme 4 is A Changing Planet.

Pennsylvania Standards for Sixth Grade:

  • RA6A 1.1-1.9
  • RA6B 1.1-1.9


​​Students learn to add and subtract decimals; multiply and divide decimals; add and subtract fractions; multiply and divide fractions; algebra; geometry; perimeter, area and volume.

Pennsylvania Standards for Sixth Grade:

  • 2.1.6 A, B
  • 2.2.6 B
  • 2.3.6 A
  • 2.8.6 A, B
  • 2.9.6 A, B


​The young people's exploration of the old testament begins with the story of Abraham and Sarah. The themes of revelation and the covenant are introduced. A study of the Exodus offers insight into the Christian belief in the deliverance through the paschal mystery and the old testament history of the kingdom of Israel provides an understanding of teachings about the kingdom of God in the new testament. Prophets played a vital role in the religious awareness of the people of Israel and later in the understanding of Christ's message. Exile and reconciliation are important themes that will be discussed, as well as the Maccabean revolt, religious sects, and hope for the Messiah, which mark the period before the coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus' life and teachings are connected to God's promises in the old testament.

Standards for this course is according to the General Directory of Catechesis numbers one through ten.


​Students will encounter genetics, examine soil fertility and resistance to erosion. They'll also describe how constructive and destructive natural processes influence biomes, describe the process of fossil formation, the theory or continental drift and plate tectonics, as well as relative age of rocks, design and conduct scientific investigations and understand how theories are developed

Pennsylvania Standards for Sixth Grade:

  • 3.1.6 A, B, C
  • 3.3.6 A, B
  • 3.1 B
  • 3.3

 Social Studies

​​In Unit 1 students will learn Early History, The First Cultures, The Fertile Crescent, The Nile River Valley, The Indus River Valley and The Huang He Valley.  The year concludes with Unit 2, which includes, The Ancient World, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Ancient Americas, and The Arab World.

Pennsylvania Standards for Sixth Grade:
8.4.6 A, B, C, D