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 Dress Code

Part of Cardinal Maida Academy's long standing tradition is our school uniform and dress standards.  Studies have indicated a direct correlation with dress and behavior. If your child is in violation of the uniform policy, a note will be sent home for the first infraction. The second infraction will require parents to bring in the appropriate attire.

Uniform Providers
School uniform providers used by Cardinal Maida include, Tees N Tops, Schoolbelles, Log Cabin Embroidery or any other store that sells uniforms.  Schoolbelles and Log Cabin have our specific plaid. 

 Boys: Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Red or navy blue polo shirt (short or long sleeve). Blue or khaki pants or shorts and navy blue, beige or white socks (solid colors only). Belts in third through sixth grade. Navy blue cardigan.

 Girls: Kindergarten through Third Grade

Jumpers with red or navy blue polo shirts (short or long sleeve). No skirts. Blue or khaki pants or shorts and navy blue, beige or white socks (solid colors only). Navy blue cardigan.

 Girls: Fourth through Sixth Grade

Red, white or navy blue polo shirt (short or long sleeve). Navy blue, khaki or plaid skirts, pants or shorts. No jumpers. Navy blue, beige or white socks (solid colors only). Belts in fourth through sixth grade. Navy blue cardigan.

 Shoes and Gym Attire

​Brown or black dress shoes must be worn by all students.  Boots in the same color may also be worn in the winter months to school, but must be changed into brown or black dress shoes. 

Gray Cardinal Maida Academy t-shirts or sweatshirts, as well as navy blue Cardinal Maida Academy shorts or sweatpants must be worn for gym class. These items are available at Tees N' Tops. White socks and tennis shoes must also be worn. 

 Important Rules to Remember

  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in at all times.
  • Hats may not be worn during the school day.
  • Jackets, hoodies or other outwear may not be worn in the classroom
  • Shorts may be worn from first day of school until the last day of October and from April 1 until the last day of school. Administration can make adjustments if weather indicates otherwise.
  • Sweaters are to be plain navy blue cardigans.
  • Students must wear socks at all times. Socks are to be solid navy blue, beige or white.
  • Jewelry is not to be worn on gym days.
  • Long hair must be tied back in a ponytail or braided for gym.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn on gym days.
  • Students must wear gym uniforms on gym day.
  • Students not properly attired for gym days will be asked to sit out of class thus affecting their grade.
  • Patches are available in the school office or Tees N Tops and must be placed on all shirts, jumpers, and gym bottoms.
  • On days we have Mass, students must wear white button down shirts and dress shoes. Boys must wear ties.